Friday, 9 September 2011

Redwake River Valley

This is the area where the current adventure is taking place. I've condensed strategic time so that the various encounters can take place in a single strategic turn. The valley is in the far south of the border of Altengard, where Altengard meets Capalan League territory and the Sea of Stryfe.
Ath Cliath - Altengard settlement. No news from the south in weeks. Caravans going south have failed to return. Civic leaders are seeking intrepid adventurers to investigate.
Forsetta - Altengard settlement. There is a significant Capalan community here. Fenmen from Forsetta know the Fens like the backs of their hands.
Black Mountains - Forbidding and uninhabited by civilised peoples. Almost totally impassable except at Ordin Pass or by following the headwaters of the Buri River.
Forsetta Fens - A desolate and unpleasant place reputedly occupied by trolls and worse, although the Fenmen have never encountered such creatures.
Silberry Ferry - A tiny Altengard settlement. The ferry can carry both passengers and livestock.
Mael Duin - A tall, isolated hill that affords excellent views of the Redwake and the Southern plain.
Stone Circle - An ancient and powerful ruin. Allegedly it predates the tribes that roamed Altengard before it became a Tropilium province.
Menglad - Tower of the wizard Heinrich Kemmler. Kemmler was a master of the Order of Magic in Altengard Proper but gave up the world of magic and politics to return to his home to help the peoples of the Southern plain.
Dumezil Hold - Ancestral seat of the Redwake Dumezils, a small Dwarf house. The Hold is accessible only by following following the stream up through the Black Mountains.
Fortrenn - A Silver Elf settlement. There are significant communities of both Altengard and Capalan humans. The town is renowned for trading fine Elvish wines and silks.
Ailech - Altengard settlement. There is a large community of Silver Elves here with a separate harbour. The port of Ailech trades with the nations all around the Sea of Stryfe. Rumours abound that the port has been recently attacked by Seniiran sea raiders.
Mount Borgann - Legend tells of a cave deep in the mountain that is the lair of an ancient red dragon.

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