Friday, 2 September 2011

Into the Forsetta Fen - Narrative

The heroes have decided that the Forsetta Fen is the quickest way south. Hiring two guides at Forsetta, the heroes and their retinue head deep into the swamp. The fenmen advise the group to stay close together and not to wander near the deep meres, but in the water, below the surface, dark creatures hear the large group and move to feast. For a very long time swamp trolls had lived in the Fens, but the Fenmen had never travelled in large groups or near the deep meres (stupid Fenmen don't live long). The heroes were making noise, smelled of horse meat and straying close to the troll lairs. It was inevitable that the trolls would attack. Although the trolls attacked in small groups the heroes and their followers fell into a defensive formation and chose to let the trolls come to them. The troll attacks were broken up mainly with archery and sorcery, but even so the heroes' band would fall back rather than let the trolls close. In only one notable case did a troll make it to the distant heroes line and it was quickly surrounded and despatched by men-at-arms. Unfortunately for the warriors their hesitance and fear of the trollish menace meant that they were forced to camp in the cold, dank and fetid confines of the fen.

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