Sunday, 16 October 2011

Escape from Cinder Island - Narrative

The sun broke over the distant mountains as the heroes splashed across both the western fords onto the island. It was immediately obvious that something was wrong as none of the fishermen were working the boats and several buildings on the far side of the island appeared to be burnt out. There was a hush on the island that hinted at evil afoot. Knowing this the heroes approached the village on the eastern side of the island with a little more care.
The boats were still at the waterside, but the stillness and silence just got more and more unsettling. The heroes were about to make a dash for the boats when wolf howls and the yells of goblins were heard from the south. Spiders, wolf riders, archers and goblin warriors burst from the trees and ruins and from the empty village. The sorcerer prepared to cast his first spell only to have the spell stopped by a caster on the enemy side, a goblin shaman cackled and spoke the words of the dark tongue that both beguiled and terrified all who could hear it. The successful dispel was quickly followed by a failure that caused a dreadful backlash which damaged he shaman and weakened his magic.
While the ensorcelments and incantations flew back and forth the heroes worked their way around the island trying to outflank the goblins but a well timed word of power from the shaman drove all those around him into a fanatical frenzy and they surged forward to meet the closest hero and his entourage head on. It seemed briefly as though the goblins may gain the upper hand but a well timed, long distance shot from an elven archer took the shaman in the throat and he fell choking on his own blood. The loss of the shaman sent a wave of panic through the goblin warband and most of those left on the island fled for the southernmost ford and the plain.
The heroes grabbed the boats and headed south along the Redwake to the Stone Circle, an ancient ring of power.

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