Friday, 9 September 2011

Out of the Fens - Commentary

Fewer rule problems. Same trouble with amount of stuff on table.
Still, had some discussion about the melee rules, and the test of wills.
For combat, I'll need to remember to print of the adapted Chain Reaction Swordplay melee resolution for the next game and we can give that a try.
For test of wills may need to give the rules on stars a re-read. Because a star gets to choose the result on a test of wills (and a charge test for that matter) and I've been allowing the stars groups to go with the Star reaction then it's possible for the heroes to hold up a bad guy for two or three activations. I'll double check and it may be that bad guys will just need to make sure that they get within half move in sufficient numbers to carry a combat.
As for the lots of stuff on table, I'm thinking I should only have allowed Social Standing worth of CV each at the start, and then I can control opportunities to recruit. But they've all caught lung fever now so maybe I'll be able to pockle some CV away from the good guys.

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