Thursday, 10 November 2011

Circle of Power - Narrative

The current was strong and the trip downriver was short. As the heroes grounded the boats and disembarked within sight of the Stone Circle, the bellow of ogres could be heard all around. Knowing that the Stone Circle contained great power, the heroes spread out along the river bank and moved towards the circle from a number of directions. Stout hearted Yeomen worked their way down the left flank, while the elves and Mirish moved down the middle. The Black Moon Elves in the party opted for the far right flank and prepared to cast magic. The ogre-led goblin war parties swiftly moved towards the nearest threat and a large group of goblins led by a large, mean, and above all ugly, looking black moon goblin emerged from the ruins to the south west of the circle. The war party to the north faced with knights and yeomen was quickly broken with a volley of bow fire and a swift charge, and while it took a little longer the Mirish mercenaries also broke the group in the centre who were being supported by wolf riders. The Black Moon Elves fared less well. Summoning magic allowed some respite from the war parties to the south of the Circle, but the pin prick shots of repeater crossbows and summoned daemons simply enraged the ogre leader and with a roar that seemed to shake the ground itself he and his war party quickly dispatched the summoned warriors and they rushed the Black Moon positions. The Mirish warriors continued through to the Stone Circle while the Silver Elves held back to finish off minor resistance and to cover the distant goblin war band being led by Fowlmugg himself. The Borderers and Treyine continued their moves across the north of the field but the Borderer knights quickly outstripped their infantry support. With wolf riders and goblin warriors in front of them there was some jostling and hullooing and suddenly the Borderer's prince and his liegeman found themselves separated from the rest of the band. The Border prince and his lieutenant were rushed by Fowlmugg's band and in the ensuing melee, the Borderers were briefly bested. A long distance shot from one of the Elven archers took out Fowlmugg with a single shot, and just as suddenly the goblin victory became a rout. As the goblins fled the field the last ogre led band defeated the Black Moon brethren and killed one their crossbowmen. The Black Moon elves led the ogre and his remaining goblins through the woods directly into a hail of missiles from the Mirish cavalry and the Silver Moon elves. The Mirish noble searched the Circle, hoping to find magic, but instead only found some treasure.