Sunday, 16 October 2011

Escape from Cinder Island - Commentary

A good game. Still loads of stuff on the table and the heroes seem to be averse to losing men to help even up the games and make them playable. I didn't make the best use of my caster and tried to use him as a Star caster when I should have probably used the NPC/Battle magic option. I'll need to study the magic options, as there are at least two more caster NPC's out there in the valley.
I'd checked out the definition of a group on the THW Yahoo Group and a NUTS! example defined the issues beautifully. We also played the rules as written that says that a Star chooses his reaction but a Grunt lives or dies by the roll of the dice. It may not be right but it leads to more HTH and still gives the Star his autonomy although the rest of his group may charge (or be charged) without him.
Rule wise, I think we're playing the game more like it's supposed to be played. I think I may have over-egged the effect of the loss of leader test (in fact I didn't even use the test as written I kind of assumed something along the lines of a crisis test for everyone). I'll give it a look. There were some issues about rules, as a couple of players confused some reaction tests and effects with Rally Round the King. That may be a problem if or when we get around to playing Chain Reaction or 5150.

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