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Based on the 5150:NB rules...


Stuff is how we track what a character has, loses, acquires, etc. during their campaign. What is Stuff?
Stuff is anything that the character can use at any time during the game.
Here are examples of various items of Stuff.
  • Weapon.
  • Armour.
  • Backpack.
  • Rope.
  • Horse.
  • Lantern.
  • Wagon.
  • Mirror
  • Flask of Oil
  • Holy Symbol


Any list of Items included in Warrior Heroes would be incomplete. There are just too many Items in the world right now let alone in the future. Here's how you can create your Item for use in Warrior Heroes:
  • Decide what the Stuff is.
  • Decide how it works in real and apply it in game terms.
  • That's it.


You get Stuff in a variety of ways. They are:
  • At the start of the campaign each Star receives three items of Stuff per point of Social Standing.
  • When recruiting your first group you will receive one item of Stuff for each member you do not recruit.
  • Once a month a character gains one item of Stuff.
  • You can find them or take them from characters while on an Encounter
  • You can trade in one item of Stuff for one that can be saved.
  • You can receive Stuff as wages or gifts from other characters.
I'm sure by now some of you resourceful players are thinking of ways to bend the rules to your benefit. Good job! Because the life expectancy in Warrior Heroes is pretty short so enjoy it while you can. Hey, did we mention that the game play is the thing?


Easy come easy go, here's how you lose Items.
  • Someone takes them from you during an Encounter.
  • Someone robs your Home (page, 85) while you're gone or even there.
  • You get legal troubles and have to give away some of your Items.
  • You give them freely to another character.
  • Or the big one…you get killed.


How many Items can a character carry? That depends on the Item. Items are either used with one hand or two hands.
  • Items used with one hand count as one Item for carrying purposes.
  • Items used with two hands count as two Items for carrying purposes.
  • Characters can carry twice their Rep in Items with the following notes:
    • Clothing does not count against carrying limits (armour does!).
    • Packs or duffle bags can hold Items equal to twice the character's Rep. The pack or duffle bag will count as two Items.
    • A sack or belt pouch can carry Items equal to the character's Rep. The sack or pouch will count as one Item.
    • If the Item can carry you, such as a beast of burden, it does not count against the number of Items you can carry and can carry a lot of Items. How many is for you to decide. Just remember that if you lose your vehicle you lose the Items that were inside it.
Over time you can acquire as many Items as you want but you cannot carry them all so choose your Items wisely before each Encounter.

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