Monday, 27 February 2012

Prelude... Commentary

A new set of players join the campaign... sort of. These players are/were in the city of Ailech at the southern end of the Redwake River. As the story progresses it transpires that Psammon has already put in motion a diabolical plan to turn all of Southern Altengard into a bastion of Unlife in alliance with Black Moon Incarnate demons and malicious Goblin tribes from the Western Mountains. The (new) heroes have so far had to eliminate enemy artillery bombarding the city and then rescue the Lord of Ailech, Erkenfried, from the clutches of Black Moon Demon Cultists.
Things we have learned:
The games played well, although new players took some time to get used to the uncertainties of Test of Wills and Charge tests.
I've now realised that if a figure is forced to take a Control test and fails, the figures either side also have to take a Control test and so on... The rule was there all along I've just never noticed it!
After the disastrous magic from the possessed mages I either have to cabal my mages more wisely, learn the intricacies of the spell lists more carefully or go back to using Big Battle magic.
Some of the players were concerned about the way melee works when a nasty beast rolls against attackers. They were concerned that if the bad guy rolls well then all the opponents stand very little chance. I'm not sure this shouldn't be the way. If it was a Rep 6 star who rolled three successes and a shield die against a horde of Rep 3 Goblins, most of whom would be OOF  or OD then there would be no issue but because the bad guy had the "good" Rep some questions were asked. I suspect this is supposed to be the way. See Sauron at the beginning of TFotR. If you don't have the Hardiness for it don't tangle with the Lord of Darkness!

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