Friday, 19 August 2011

Beginnings - Commentary

A first game of Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures. I hadn't seen the rules until 6.30 and we started playing at 7!
Five brave souls have signed up and each generated a Star. We came up with a simple raid encounter, randomly generated wererats and I made up a scenario on the fly...
We did heaps of things wrong. Mainly reactions (I think we may have done one test of wills), but probably a little bit of shooting and melee as well.
That said we all enjoyed ourselves and the Stars randomly generated some retinues/warbands. That bit we did do right (although not until after the encounter). The downside (and we may have to do something about this) is that the heroes have a total CV of around 54 which will mean around 50 enemy per encounter (and potentially as many as 100 per PEF in an unlucky ambush/raid scenario).
We've gone on to play further games (see later posts) and I think it is a thematic problem. Games take too long to play and the bad guys are an unwieldy force.

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